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Quick Overview

What does the tool do for you?

SEA Safeguard frees up your resources. Automated campaign monitoring helps you oversee accounts and campaigns without manual checks. Your Google Ads accounts are screened for over 100 aspects and issues are prioritized for your review. You assess and address them as needed.

Getting Down to Business!

How SEA Safeguard Supports Performance Marketing

Explore these and more features in the free trial:

Account Outage Alerts

Set a schedule for when your ads should be running, and we'll check every hour to ensure they're active.

Monitoring Your Top Sellers

Automatically identify and monitor your best-performing products based on Google Shopping or Google Analytics.

URL Monitoring

Landing page missing or redirected? SEA Safeguard flags problematic URLs for you.

Ad Inspection

Approval issues, outdated content, or weak assets? Stay in control with SEA Safeguard.

Be Part of Your Team!

Designed for in-house marketers and performance agencies.

Whether you're a team lead, SEA manager, or a beginner, SEA Safeguard makes optimizing your Google Ads campaigns a breeze while helping you stay organized.

The tool allows for customized role assignments, giving each team member the access level they need for their daily work.

Make the Most of Your Time!

Focus on your essential tasks

Receive notifications of problems or optimization suggestions right away, daily, or weekly, depending on your own preferences.

This way, you can concentrate on tasks that no tool can handle for you. With SEA Safeguard, your work becomes not just easier, but more efficient too.

“I never wanted to be the boss who constantly checks on people and points out mistakes. But with Google Ads, a lot can go wrong, and that can get expensive. So, we turned necessity into a virtue: Whenever something goes wrong, we create an automatic check routine for SEA Safeguard. This way, we quickly catch errors and maintain a high standard for our accounts.

By the way, everyone gets their own alerts first. This allows our team members to learn from their mistakes while I can focus on other things.”

Martin Röttgerding

Founder & Developer des SEA Safeguard

Stay On Top of It!

Never miss account outages again

Want to ruin an online marketer's day? Easy: let a Google Ads account go down unnoticed. The result? Huge revenue loss and a nerve-wracking search for the problem.

With SEA Safeguard Alerts, you can immediately react to account outages. You can also set custom "downtime" periods, letting SEA Safeguard know that, for instance, it's normal not to have impressions between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. In short: SEA Safeguard alerts you only when action is truly needed – so you can respond quickly.

Onboarding on the Fly!

Rapid learning curve guaranteed

SEA Safeguard ensures a steep learning curve, especially when new team members join. With targeted implementation tips for the Google Ads account, it effectively supports training, making your onboarding process smoother and more efficient. As they say: the best way to learn is from mistakes.

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From the Field

What Our Customers Are Saying

"SEA Safeguard efficiently supports our Google Ads management. It automates monitoring and reduces manual checks. This efficiency results in a noticeable improvement in quality and significant time savings, allowing us to focus more on strategic tasks within the accounts. This helps us continuously improve our campaign performance."

Lenelotte Sudbrack

Team Lead SEA at web-netz GmbH

"SEA Safeguard has absolutely proven itself for us. We've linked several Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Merchant Center accounts, and received error messages that we hadn't previously considered. The tool covers everything, from critical outages requiring immediate action to minor alerts."

Andreas Hofer

Head of Performance Advertising at KlickImpuls GmbH

„I had the chance to test SEA Safeguard during the beta testing phase. The tool is clear and intuitive to use. It adds value to my daily work, enabling effortless 'account hygiene,' which should be standard in Google Ads management.“

Jakob Becker

Performance Marketing Manager at PiNCAMP / ADAC Camping GmbH

„The alerts from SEA Safeguard are helpful in daily work and when auditing new client accounts. The various notifications especially help our new employees delve deeper into paid ads and make optimizations independently.“

Michelle Bea

Senior SEA Consultant at Online Rebellion

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